What is Viva La Frosh? Viva La Frosh is a place where college students of all levels can find articles and guides spanning the realm college life, including but not limited to relationships, health, classes, and fashion and beauty.

The goal of Viva La Frosh is to deliver content and create an environment where college students can discuss and comment on all aspects of college life, and as a guide for the incoming freshmen to read as someone else discovers this new life with them.



Real Name: Lisa

School: University of Pittsburgh

Studying: Undecided (Communications/Marketing)

Bio: I am your typical girl: I love fashion, cooking, writing, working out, and playing video games. I am from a suburb near Atlanta, GA, but decided on University of Pittsburgh as my choice for college, and I must say that I am excited.

I created Viva La Frosh in May of 2009 for a specific reason. You see, I found that while I had a long list of blogs that I love to read, most of them were aimed at people who were already in college, and most were focused on only a few very biased facets of college life. So, as my blog list grew, I too grew more and more uncomfortable – I wanted a blog that was aimed at students my age, who were making the transition, and who needed to know things that other older bloggers took for granted. However, while Viva La Frosh does have articles which pertain more to an entering freshman, many if not most – health, beauty, etc – also pertain to the average older college student.

If you want to contact me, send an email to VivaLaFrosh@gmail.com

What happens when you become a sophomore? In my opinion, “Viva La Frosh” is more than just being a freshman – it’s about living like you did your first year of college, back when everything was more exciting than any other period of your life to that point. Back when you were excited for the next day, you partied hard, and you started anew all on your own. Maybe there’s times you don’t want to relive from freshman year, but I believe that you should always keep that “brand new life” mentality.


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