Making the Most of It: Dorms

16 05 2009 someone says the word “dorms,” most of us picture floor after floor of plain, florescent, whitewashed rooms. Most college goers simply settle for a reversible comforter and a few drab posters to try to add some “personality,” but if Trading Spaces ever taught me anything, it’s that you never have to settle for plain. There’s plenty of ideas that go beyond the ordinary to turn a drab dorm from hole-in-the-wall to home-away-from-home.

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The Roommate and You, Part 1: Roomie Wanted!

14 05 2009
roommateChances are, you know someone who has been to college. Chances are, they had a roommate at some point. And, chances are, you’ve heard all about that roommate – the horror stories, the off-the-wall moments, and the frustration – and it’s enough to make you worry about you own inevitable rooming situation. Well, fear no more: while getting your first roommate can seem daunting, you can avoid all the drama with a little planning. In part 1 of 3, we will tackle how to find the best roomie possible by using some tools you probably already have. Click to read on… Read the rest of this entry »